Sunday, August 18, 2013

Here's another update from Corbett Harrison. Enjoy!

Fellow teachers,
Two days in today to the new year, and my students already asked, "Where is today's [Sacred Writing Time] slide?" when they entered class.  If you are new to our Ning or have not yet discovered our set of SWT slides to use with your young writers, remember, the first month and a half of the set are offered freely at our website (  If your kids like them, only then do we want you to consider purchasing the other 8 months' worth.  We can't teach without them anymore!

(One of the free slides.) teaching colleague, Sue Gonyou,--inspired by our SWT slides--began creating a set of similar slides for her history and social studies classes.  If you're interested in seeing her freely offered draft of her first month's slides, they are attached to the following blog post at our ning:
Have a great rest of your time off, those of you not back in school yet!  Everyone else, teach on!
--Corbett Harrison
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