Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Here's the latest message from Dena and Corbett Harrison. Enjoy:)

Once again, we will be having a "Mentor Text of the Year" Program at our website; remarkably, this will be the sixth year of this program I started years back.  Each school year, based on a self-selected classroom theme, we choose a special, idea-packed mentor text to find inspiration in when creating monthly lessons to post here at the Ning.  This year our theme will be "The Year of Expository Writing," and we've selected Gretchen Bernabei's The Story of My Thinking to guide our thinking as we create new lessons to feature every month.
Week #3 begins for us tomorrow morning!  My kids already think SWT is the best part of their school day.  You have to teach it with exuberance from the get-go.  If you love it, they will too.  I leave my own writer's notebook out for them to look through, and they pour over my previous days' entries every school day now.
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