Friday, September 13, 2013

Here is another update from Corbett and Dena Harrison...including a great free offer of writing slides to use! Enjoy!

Here is an example of the Sacred Writing Time slides

Welcome to all our new members from over the summer.  Can you believe we almost have 25,000 teacher/writer followers at our Ning now?  Let's start the new school year off writing (and right) by celebrating writing in an interesting way!
  • Our writing lesson of the month for September -- Giving Hands and Taking Hands -- is an extension of last year's Presenting Me lesson, which we used to decorate the wall space outside our classrooms.  It's designed to see what your kids can do with interesting vocabulary and the prospect of making a metaphor out of their own hands!
  • Our writer's notebook prompt for September -- Alpha-Genres -- this original lesson, which debuted 3 Septembers back, now has three variations.  My sixth graders do the original Alpha-Genres lesson you find at the online lesson; my seventh graders do a variation called "Alpha Expository Research Topics" and my eighth graders do a variation called "Alpha Tones for Persuasive Writing."  If you think of any other variations for this simple idea, which is designed to give your students an "arsenal" of ideas for planning an idea for writing to start our Writer's Workshop, please feel free to share!
--Corbett & Dena Harrison
P.S.  There are still fifteen days' worth of Sacred Writing Slides available to freely try out to see if your students are inspired by the information they share daily!  Click here to use the set for the next two weeks with your students.
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