Friday, October 25, 2013

A update from Dena and Corbett Harrison.

If you're already a subscriber/purchaser of our new Common Core Vocabulary Lessons, here is a link to a page with some new online resources you can link to from your own teacher websites without violating any copyright issues:
I've been revising my Vocabulary Page for my students, to help them collect their weekly words with more efficiency and with more pizzazz, if desired.  They have been fiercely competing for the "Vocabulary Collector of the Week" awards that I am giving to those who go above and beyond with presenting their four new words for the week.  Check out my Pinterest Board with photos of their best 4-word collections so far this year:
If you'd like a glimpse into my students' weekly vocabulary collecting and writing expectations, I invite you to check out the new resources I've freshly posted.  I'm particularly proud of my eight teacher-made exemplars and the new on-line form that many of my handwriting-challenged students will take advantage of.  By the end of this month, there will be newly-added links for those of you who are adapting/using my vocabulary collecting method to post your students' best examples:
I have been selling my PowerPoint lessons for each of my ten vocabulary/writing techniques since early August, and I am very pleased with the positive response from so many of you.  You can access two of the complementary Powerpoint lessons using this link:
I hope your Octobers are as beautiful as ours has been here in Northern Nevada.  Teach on!
--Corbett & Dena Harrison (
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Here is the most recent monthly lesson plan from the Harrisons. Enjoy:)

A whirlwind of a day here in Northern Nevada.  Grading period already ends Tuesday for us, so I
spent most of my day grading late/missing work.  I apologize if there is a typo or two on the new "Lesson of the Month" I have been working on all day when I had a spare moment, and I am now BRAVELY posting; I will re-read the whole thing Saturday and fix any typos.
  • Lesson of the Month..."How Big is Your Brave?" Storyboards:  My kids sure liked this one, and they sure can sing Sara Barellis' song when/if I put it on during sacred writing time.  I have been challenged by them to learn the "Brave" dance from her video and perform it on the blacktop after school while I am doing after school duty.  I may take my kids up on this, if some of them dance with me.  My hallway shines with storyboards inspired by this song and my students' first attempts to make use of thoughtful vocabulary in their writing.  Click here to access this month's featured lesson:
  • Writer's Notebook Prompt of the Month..."Recipe Metaphors":  Right from our October Bingo Cards comes this great idea for a lesson that pushes metaphorical thinking and interesting use of vocabulary.  I am actually starting this lesson tomorrow with my sixth graders, who will be writing a recipe metaphor based on research they're doing on the mystery of Princess Anastasia, which will help introduce my unit on George Orwell's Animal Farm.  Click here to access this lesson:
I hope everyone has a great October with inspiring writing from your students.
--Corbett & Dena Harrison (
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