Monday, November 18, 2013

November's Lesson from the Harrisons...Enjoy!

Thanks for your patience on November's lesson; we are slowly getting back to normal around here.  And thanks to all our countries' veterans for their service; I appreciated not only their service today but also the fact that I could--with a day away from students--finally upload all the pictures that go with this month's image-packed writing lesson of the month.  Enjoy!

Our Writing Lesson of the Month: Epistolary Narratives & Writer's Notebook Summaries  I used this lesson in two similar-but-different ways with two of my grade levels last month, and I ended up with two different sets of student samples.  My kids really liked creating documents that tell a story (which is what "epistolary" means).  I was just talking to a friend who thinks this would make a fun way to tell a holiday story in honor of the festivities coming up in the next 6 or 7 weeks.  Direct link to lesson:
Our Writer's Notebook Prompt of the Month:  Start & Stop Poems  This is the third November in a row that we are doing a weekly "Start & Stop Poem" for practice with writing details.  This lesson idea comes right from the center-square of our "Writer's Notebook Bingo Cards," which make a great Christmas present for that teacher who is too hard to find gifts for!  :-)  Direct link to this notebook prompt:
In the spirit of my old WritingFix website, I am incorporating more opportunities to publish your students online if you are using any of the lessons/prompts from our website.  If you are using our vocabulary lessons, for example, you can now post your students' own vocabulary words at this posting page at the Ning!

Have a great November & Thanksgiving Holiday.  Look for a new lesson of the month early this December!
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--Corbett & Dena Harrison

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