Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It is that time of year again when teachers are preparing students for open response. Following are some guidelines from Writing Fix. Enjoy!


6 steps for drafting a constructed response:
  1. Re-read the passage at least once, then re-read the question carefully to decide all the parts it is asking for. Mark the key words in the question. The key words are the verb or verbs, any character names, and key literary terms.
  2. Rewrite the question in your own words to make sure that you know exactly what is being asked. Then, turn that question into a topic sentence for your answer.
  3. Go back to the passage and collect the needed information. Make sure you get the relevant details (if the question asks for 3 details, make sure you find 3 details).
  4. Organize the details into a logical order. Use a graphic organizer if that helps.
  5. Write your answer neatly.
  6. Re-read your answer to make sure you answered all
    the parts of the question.
    This resource was found on-line at the WritingFix website (http://writingfix.com) Visit WritingFix’s Reading in the Content Areas (RICA) section to find even more free teaching resources! 

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