Sunday, May 11, 2014

Here is an information filled update from Corbett Harrison. Notice there is a series of lessons on Close Reading. Take a look! I think you will enjoy them!

 Happy May, all you wonderful writing teachers & writers out there...
My official "Lesson of the Month" for May is now ten days late, and I have no excuse except that I fell behind.  The lesson is called "Trip-LIT Poetry," and it'll be sent to you all next weekend; it's a good one (and will be worth the wait!) because it teaches grammatical concepts at the depth Common Core expects from me, but it's also a fun, creative poetry-challenge.  I love it when grammar and creativity meet and complement each other in my lessons. My kiddos' final drafts of their Trip-LITs are being turned in early this week, and then I will post the lesson officially when I have returned from our 3-day field trip to San Francisco next week.
In the meantime, I want to give a shout-out to my favorite Kindergarten teacher ever--Jodie Black--and direct you to a complimentary lesson she has just posted at her teaching website "Start to Learn."  Jodie's reading and writing lessons are designed for her own kindergartners, but she has a huge following of first- and second-grade teachers too.  If you know any K-2 teachers, you would be doing them a favor by forwarding this e-mail (or the following links) to them. Trust me on this, Jodie's stuff is always great, and her new lessons all comes with original artwork made by her hugely talented husband, Dennis.  
  • So...Jodie has a new series of lessons on Close Reading she has just self-published.  You can read more about this new set of lessons at this blog post here at our Ning.
  • is the direct link to her complimentary lesson "Fox’s Tail: A Cumulative Tale":  I love the original picture of the cow that her husband contributed.  Jodie is such an talented person who loves to develop and share lessons at her website, and I adore the idea that her husband (who's not a teacher) now plays a part in what she self-publishes online.
Between 2002 and 2007, I co-taught a graduate-level summer institute on teaching writing at our local university with Jodie.  I can tell you first-hand how absolutely impressive she is as a teacher.  Her reputation in our district is phenomenal.  I hope you'll trust me when I tell you that--even if you don't teach primary grades but know someone who does--forwarding this e-mail or just the link provided above to a K-2 teacher will most likely make their day.
Let's continue to teach them to write well!  Good writing skills never go obsolete!
--Corbett Harrison (
P.S.  My students (the new ones and the returning ones) are required to come back in August with ten summertime entries in a new writer's notebook.  If you want some examples of what good summertime notebook entries look like, check out this Pinterest board I have been developing.
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