Monday, July 7, 2014

Here is July's writing lesson from Dena and Corbett Harrison. It is from their ning at : Enjoy!

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July's "Writing Lesson of the Month" is Posted

Remember Goofus & Gallant?  They serve as a "mentor text" for my Writing Lesson of the Month for July, which has been posted at my website:  I taught this lesson in the last few weeks of this past school year, and posting the student samples yesterday and today made me realize how much I already miss my kids.
I hope you'll notice the re-organization of my "Lesson of the Month Page." I am going to be posting three additional resources every month in addition to the lesson.  These new resources will be:
  1. A recent page I've added to my own writer's notebook...because I still want to encourage you to keep a notebook too!  It's not that hard, and your students will love that you're doing it alongside them.
  2. A really original vocabulary activity from one of my students...because I really believe my vocabulary "program" is encouraging creativity on a sophisticated level that the Common Core Standards Police could find no fault with.
  3. A favorite slide for the upcoming month from our Sacred Writing Time PowerPoints...because my kids and I love talking (and sometimes writing) about the information found on these simple conversation starters.
Everybody have a great Fourth of July!  Be safe!
--Corbett & Dena Harrison (
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Comment by Z Hendrickson on Saturday
Thanks so much for your July writing assignment!
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