Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Resources from Corbett and Dina Harrison.

Thanks to those of you who made purchases this last week during our final "Special Rates of the Summer" sale.  We earned enough to keep the Always Write site, this Ning, and the WritingFix site going for another year.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.
Information you may be interested in if you have purchased our website's products in the last year:
  • All download links have now been sent to those who purchased during this last week; if you didn't receive your download links, let me know...Before writing, know that we've been having some issues with Yahoo and some school e-mail servers mis-labeling us as SPAM.  Check your SPAM or JUNK folder if you didn't receive your link(s), then contact me if your product still isn't there:
  • The Sacred Writing Time slides and our 11 Vocabulary Lessons were all updated this summer, and updates have been sent to all who paid for those products.  If you purchased either product before this summer, and didn't receive either update, contact us at  Make sure you let us know what e-mail you used when you paid for the product(s) through PayPal so that we can verify your purchase.  If you purchased either of those products over the summer of 2014, you did receive the newest version of the product when we sent you the download link.
  • If you ordered our "Reading Workshop Bingo Cards" any time during this last year, know there will be an update to those materials coming out in the next week or two.  We now have created a 6-page "take home" document that you can print and duplicate for your students' binders that briefly explains all 25 of the activities found on the Bingo Activity Card.  It should prove to be a great resource to complement the materials you already have.  Contact us after August 23 if you don't receive the updated materials by then.
If you didn't make a purchase during our final sale of the summer of 2014...Remember that complimentary previews of our most popular products are available.  We want you to try our products out with your students before you decide to buy them, and so we provide the following previews freely:
Dena and I both hope that you can make use of--at least--one of these product previews as the school year begins.  Thanks again for your continued support, and know that some really exciting new stuff will be coming out this school year at the site.
--Corbett & Dena Harrison (
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