Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wow...I'm actually posting the lesson early this month instead of late.  My 9th wedding anniversary falls on August 1, and I always try to spend that day with Dena and not on the computer; then, I'm flying off to present a two-day workshop in Arkansas right before we start up school again.
Our Writing Lesson of the Month:  I have posted the Lesson of the Month, along with my three other new monthly contributions and classroom ideas at this page at the website:  Please note that this month's lesson--"Imp-Int-Exclam Sentence Sets" comes as a PowerPoint file.  If you don't have PowerPoint on the computer you're working from, you can open the PDF-version of the lesson, which can be opened at the bottom of the lesson's description.
Important Update Notice for Those Users Who've Purchased our set of 10 "Vocabulary & Writing Lessons," which we premiered a year ago at our site:  I have been busily updating the 10 lessons that you purchased, adding new details and links to even better student samples for improved student discussion.  By August 5, you will receive an e-mail from me with a download link for the updated versions of the lessons.  It will be sent to the e-mail address you used when you purchased the set of materials. If you do not receive the link by August 5, contact me so that we can update your e-mail address in our database.  Please note: this update will only be sent to those who have actually purchased our "Vocabulary & Writing Materials," which are one of the nine for-sale items we offer at our site.  If you have a different e-mail now, be sure to let me know:
For those of you who head back to school in August (like us): we wish you an excellent first month of school.  Remember, the earlier you can start them liking their writer's notebooks, the more impressive their notebooks will be by year's end.  There are plenty of complimentary ideas and lessons posted on this page to help you start off well:
Have a great end of July, everyone!
--Corbett & Dena Harrison (
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