Saturday, September 6, 2014

Here is an introduction to some changes the Harrisons have made on their Ning.

..finally!  I don't know why my server wasn't allowing me to upload lesson documents this week, but I finally got through this morning, so I have posted it.  If there are any broken links, my apologies, and know I will fix them when I come home from teaching today.
We're trying things differently this year with the Lesson of the Month a nutshell, here are the changes:
1)  First of all, the new layout at my Lesson of the Month page actually features four ideas/resources worth checking out (as well as access to all past Lessons of the Month).  The four are:
         a)  The lesson of the month, of course, which is called "Heart Parks" this month!   It's a good one.
         b)  A featured page from my own writer's notebook to share with your students, if you'd like.
         c)  A vocabulary/writing idea from our vocabulary packet with lots of new student samples from my kids!
         d)  A favorite slide from our Sacred Writing Time slides that's coming up this month!  I am providing a suggestion about how one of this month's prompts might become a bigger writing lesson that your kids will enjoy.
2)  Owners of our Writer's Notebook Bingo this:  This month's writing lesson is kind of special this go-around.  It's part three of a trilogy that I've been working on since 2012.  If you use the link found on the Lesson of the Month page, you will have access to an outline version of all three "Presenting Me!" lessons from the past three Septembers, including the new one--Heart Parks.  Those of you who also have purchased our set of ten Writer's Notebook Bingo Cards, you will recognize the lesson as the "center-square" lesson from the August Bingo Card of topics/ideas.  Because you purchased the 10 Bingo Cards, you should know this: there is a SPECIAL version of the "Heart Park" lesson that contains more samples, a student pre-writing packet, and a special PowerPoint to inspire visual creativity.  So...owners of the 10 Writer's Notebook Bingo Cards...instead of using the link on the Lesson of the Month Page, use the link in the center-square of your August Bingo card and you'll access the bonus materials too.  Don't fret if you didn't buy the whole set of cards; the lesson that is posted at the Lesson of the Month page is completely teach-able without the bonus materials, but I wanted those who supported us by buying the cards to have some extra materials as our way of saying THANKS!
3)  And I am officially declaring September "National Writer's Notebook Month."  My kids, when they read our daily Sacred Writing Time slides, always ask, "How do they come up with these national holidays, Mr. Harrison?"  I honestly don't know, and I can't find an official answer, so I am simply going to declare it NATIONAL WRITER'S NOTEBOOK MONTH!  If you are setting your kids up to love their writer's notebooks using any of the tools from our writer's notebook page, know this: In honor of this self-declared Month of the Notebook, we will begin having small writing contests every Monday.  We will announce them here at the Ning.  Teachers who submit and have their students' ideas chosen as ones I will share with everyone will receive fine rewards.  Starting Monday, look for the first Writer's Notebook Contest of September!
I hope your weekend is great.  I hope you receive this month's featured lesson with enough time to mull it over this weekend and maybe start it next week.  Our kids loved it!
Have a great weekend.  You deserve it.
--Corbett & Dena Harrison (
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