Sunday, September 28, 2014

Here is an update from the Harrisons on writer's notebook cards and writer's notebook bingo cards. Enjoy!

I need to spend the next few days busily judging the writer's notebook metaphors that so many or you teachers sent in, so I am going to post the Writing Lesson of the Month now in fear that I might forget to post it later this week.
The lessons (as well as the other three new resources I have been featuring!) are all updated and ready to be used. Here is the link to the LESSON OF THE MONTH
Special News for those who have the whole set of our Writer's Notebook Bingo Cards:
If you don't already own the Writer's Notebook Bingo Cards and were using our complimentary preview for August and September, please know if you wait until September 30 (or later) to buy the set, I might not be able to send you the download link in time for you to have them copied for October 1st.  It usually takes us 12-24 hours notice to send you any purchased products.  We hope you enjoyed using the August and September cards.
If you DO already own the 10-card set, make sure you have fun with the very adaptable recipe assignment (which is the center-square lesson). I'm going to announce a notebook recipe contest at the end of the month, and if your kids practice with the center square lesson some time in October, they'll be ready for the challenge Dena and I are dreaming up!
Later this month we'll be hosting a ABC List writer's notebook contest based on September's center-square lesson--Alpha Genres.  More information on that coming soon!
Have a great Monday tomorrow!  Keep those kids writing!  Give them time to write every day!
--Corbett & Dena Harrison (
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