Saturday, October 25, 2014

Here is a update from the Harrisons. They have provided a link to a discusion tool that can be used for any lessons on metaphors and similes. Enjoy!

The November "Lesson of the Month" is close to completion, and its focus is on metaphors (and similes too, I suppose).  I know I haven't announced who won last month's "Writer's Notebook Metaphor Contest" yet, and there is a good reason for that; the best metaphors are actually being used by me to inspire the teacher model that will be included in this lesson, so those students will be announced when this lesson goes live on November 1.
We came up with a pretty smart discussion tool for the November lesson, and I wanted to share it ahead of time.  We believe it could be used with ANY lesson on metaphors and similes.
I've just posted the one-page discussion tool at the Ning:
I hope you find it useful and--perhaps--inspiring.
Take care...
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