Sunday, November 2, 2014

An upcoming lesson by the Harrisons on metaphors. Enjoy.

So...I've been putting in 3-4 hours every weekend since August into the "Lesson of the Month" for November.  I think I'm really trying to outdo myself for some reason.  My teacher model is finally done, and I think it's worthy of sharing ahead of time.  Especially if you've been using writer's notebooks this year.
The lesson I'm publishing at the Ning on November 1st, well, it's one that focuses on metaphors which is one of my favorite topics and tools for learning and teaching.  I'm really trying to create a demonstration lesson that is both fun for my kids and that would simultaneously blow the minds of the "Common Core Police," should they happen by my classroom with their clipboards and observation forms.  
Today, I am sharing this new lesson's Teacher Model ahead of time by posting it at the Ning.  Here is a link where you can open the poem and help me celebrate the four student writers who officially inspired it:  
I think I'm excited mostly about how it was written; it went through a cool process.  Four student writers from four other teachers' classrooms sent me four metaphors about their four writer's notebooks, and I used their "seed ideas" to create a "Four Metaphor Poem" that--I think--every kid who is keeping a writer's notebook should read because it contains good advice that even the great Ralph Fletcher would respect, I think.
Maybe you'll agree.  Maybe not.  Either way,  I better go feed my dogs.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great Halloween.
--Corbett Harrison
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