Friday, November 7, 2014

Here the Harrison's November writing lesson. It is great as always. Courtesy of Corbett Harrison. Enjoy!

We had a bout of the flu we had to fight-off in this house, so I'm a few days behind on posting the lesson of the month.  It's up and ready to be looked over:  I suspect there are a few typos in the lesson still, but I need to get it posted and double-check for those minor mistakes after a good night's sleep with some Nyquil.
Please note this month's lesson--inspired by the excellent student-made metaphors about writer's notebooks that I asked for in September--have inspired a new writing challenge; this time, the challenge is for teachers to do the writing after being inspired by something their students write.  I hope you'll read about it and consider entering.  Here is the link to information about this teacher/student writing challenge, though you may have to read over the entire lesson of the month in order to make complete sense of it:
I wrote this month's lesson while a little peeved at a few teachers I'm dealing with who removed the citations from some of my freely posted handouts and re-posted them at their district website, and in doing so, removed anyone's ability to know who it was that actually created the materials they are giving away to others.  I passionately address all educators' responsibilities in citing materials posted electronically at their own websites in my lesson-of-the-month's introduction, and to all of you who do properly cite materials borrowed and re-posted on the Internet, I hope you'll enjoy the "voice" of this month's lesson; for those of you who remove page citations or post things at your own websites that you probably don't have the right to, I hope you won't miss that I'm kind of making fun of you.  We're in an electronic age of lesson and material sharing, my fellow teachers; let's respect one another's intellectual property, always giving credit to those who share things they create or someday they may stop posting things freely altogether.
Thanks, and have a great month of teaching.
--Corbett & Dena Harrison (
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