Saturday, November 29, 2014

Here is a post from the Harrisons. You will enjoy the idea. The writing exercise has the potential for setting a positive tone in the classroom. Enjoy.

As tomorrow's Sacred Writing Time slide will reveal, November 24 is "Celebrate Your Unique Talent" Day.  Here are my three most unique talents that I will share tomorrow to--hopefully--inspire my students to write about one of their own  unique talents:  1) I can accurately diagram any complete sentence written by William Shakespeare; oh, and speaking of grammar, I know exactly when to use "further" and when to use "farther."  2) I can identify every bird that might land in my backyard by not only sight but also by the different sounds they emit from the trees, bushes, and roof (I live in Nevada, remember, so there are no more than 20 different birds that regularly visit my backyard, but still...); 3) I can make myself wake up if I am having a dream that is too boring or repetitive by telling myself, while in my dream, "This is a boring story, Corbett. Wake up so we can start over again and have a better dream with the next go around."  It works every time.
Dena has many unique talents too; for example, she can 1) make our dogs purr like cats and 2) she can identify any popular song from the 80's and 90's within five seconds of hearing a song's first note.  She is unique with talents!  My students like to write about their unique talents or the unique talents of their friends or family; they also like to create fictional characters with unique talents they wish they had.  I think you could get a plethora of good SWT from tomorrow's SWT slide, so here it is for you to use:  Think about a unique talent you might share with your students to get them writing!
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