Saturday, January 17, 2015

Here is the writing lesson of the month from Corbett Harison. Enjoy:)

My New Writer's Notebook Challenge:  We're getting ready to review verbs, so I've been working on a writer's notebook challenge based on Brian Cleary's picture book about verbs: "To Root, to Toot, to Parachute."  I came up with "Tri-Verb Rhyming Comics," and you can view my teacher model here:
Can you create a tri-verb rhyming comic?  The formula is: 1-syllable verb + 1-syllable verb + 3-syllable verb, and the three verbs have to rhyme. Then, you have to use Mr. Stick to create an idea for the story.  I made five of them, and it was kind of fun.  I'm not sure which comic I like best!  I did use the RhymeZone website for a few of them.  
Sacred Writing Slide of the Month:  Our featured SWT slide of the month is Wednesday of this week:  Great holiday that kids will love to write about, great quote from Churchill, and great vocabulary word to challenge them to use five times that day!  You can learn more about Sacred Writing Time at our website:
And a "shout out" to my teaching colleague--Sue Gonyou:  Dena and I are taking a creativity
in-service class from this wise and wonderful teacher in March.  I'm already signed up.  I'm already excited.  I love her classes because she gives us time to make stuff and share with each other; instead of "sit and get," Sue runs a "make and take" style of inservice class, and I wish there were more of these being offered in our district.  Sue is the teacher who--inspired by our Sacred Writing Time slides--created her own set to use in her social studies class.  You can read about Sue's "Transitions in Time" slides here:  There's a complimentary preview of them!
Have a great January, all!
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