Sunday, January 4, 2015

Recommending ASCD Talking and Listening.

The November  journal of Educational Leadership is titled Talking and Listening.  It is truly excellent.  I recommend it to every educator regardless of the level you teach. 

The CCSS has woven talking and listening throughout its pages, based on the role that collaboration plays when developing higher level thinking.  The articles in this journal address all of the essential points educators need to be recognize and implement in their classrooms.

The journal opens with a article titled Talking to Learn by Elizabeth A. City.  She clearly states, "although it's possible to think without talking - and to talk without much thinking - each can strengthen the other. "  She then proceeds to examine the purpose and benefits of the student driven classroom discussions, concluding with practical matters.

This is one of the most well written, complete, and well organized journals I have received from ASCD.

I urge you all to subscribe.

Enjoy, Darlene

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