Thursday, February 26, 2015

Writing Ideas for February. Sorry these are late. Courtesy of the Harrisons.

These are both past "Lessons of the Month":
President's Day?  I love the idea of creating an anachronistic live newscast for something in Washington or Lincoln's life!  In the days before live reporters and their camera crews, have students recount one of the president's feats in a news reporters words:  You can do this lesson without either of the cited mentor texts, but both are excellent books to have, if you don't.  Be sure to check out the example from my writer's notebook with a reporter on-site at the site of George Washington crossing the Deleware.
Valentine's Day?  My oft-so-cynical middle school writers groan when I tell them we're going to create "Love Metaphors" for Valentine's Day, but when I play Pat Benatar's "Love is a Battlefield" as my mentor text, they realize I'm giving them permission to talk about love in a way a Hallmark Card wouldn't:  I use this lesson as a gateway into my March writing challenge, which is when I ask them to create metaphors for favorite topics in history, science and math. Writing across the Curriculum?  Yes, I have that in place, Common Core...thank you for asking.  
Have a great week next week!  Make writing fun!
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