Thursday, March 12, 2015

Here are some more resources for writing. Courtesy of Corbett Harrison

Reason #7 to save WritingFix?  Our digital photographs as writing prompts
All images stored at this WritingFix page were submitted by student and teacher photographers between 2009-2013!  Many of the photos have student writing that was inspired by the original images.  WritingFix had numerous ways for teachers and students from all over to contribute to the site's growth, and this page was one of our best ideas.  Every classroom has a student or two who would love to share a photograph to inspire other students to write about it.  This page gives you all the links and resources to help your classroom photographers contribute, and your classroom writers to share their poems and stories about the best images we've posted.  
If we can save WritingFix (, I plan to find time every June to post a new set of student- and teacher-submitted photographs that would serve as great writing prompts for your students.  
Have a great weekend.  
--Corbett Harrison
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