Thursday, March 19, 2015

Here is Corbett & Dena Harrison's March Lesson of the Month. Enjoy!

Two writing tasks--one for a writer's notebook, the other for a writer's workshop--in this month's lesson:  Both are inspired by the skill of accurately choosing synonyms from the thesaurus that truly mean what you want them to. 
The longer auto-biography lesson (the one for Writer's Workshop) also adds the "voice" of the dictionary to students' writing, which is inspired by the picture book about the life of Daniel Webster, which was recommended to me by my teaching friend Annita Blauser from Arkansas, and it was placed in my Christmas stocking by my beautiful wife, Dena Harrison.
Be sure to check out the other "features of the month," especially the Sacred Writing Slide of the Month, which focuses on our upcoming Friday the thirteenth next week!
Have a great month!
--Corbett & Dena Harrison
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