Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Here are some more great ideas from the Harrisons. Enjoy!

1)  Writing Across the Curriculum: Huge congrats to NNWP Teacher-trainer Holly Youngwho is having her second children’s book being published:Help Wanted at Mount Vernon.  Holly, who is one of our most respected local teacher-trainers and math teacher extraordinaire, teamed up with her sister who’s a great history teacher, Cathy Morgan, to write a “Math meets history problem-solving book” based on their experiences visiting Mt. Vernon over the years.  When math meets history, only Holly and Cathy could have co-created this book together.  Like with her last picture book, Holly will be posting free-to-use K-12 lessons at her website.  The new book will be available on Amazon soon.
  • A special invite to all of our Northern Nevada users of “WritingFix,” “Always Write,” and Holly’s “Making Mathematicians”: there is a book launch party for Help Wanted at Mount Vernon coming up on April 20, at Reed High School, from 4-6 p.m.  I will certainly be there.  And if you can’t be there, no worries because I will be posting links to Holly's new book's on-line lessons as soon as they are posted.
2)  Mother's Day Writing Assignment: I'm giving one of my favorite picture book mentor texts--31 Uses for a Mom--its own online assignment write-up as the "Lesson of the Month" for May, but I will be sending the lesson link out a few weeks before May 1 so that teachers can prepare to use it as--perhaps--a new idea for that innovative Mother's Day writing assignment.  The mentor text (and the accompanying assignment) requires students to come up with a list of clever "job descriptions" they would assign their mothers and maternal guardians.  I did the assignment as a writer's notebook task, and my model to show the students was based on my faithful border collie--Pudge--on this page at Pinterest.  I'm telling you early about this so you might consider making your own teacher model of clever job descriptions about a living thing or person that is important to you.  The mentor text comes with 31 job descriptions, but you can adapt this idea to be any number that your students could brainstorm!  As I always say, all my ideas are very adaptable to K-12 students.  And...by the way...I gave my own 77-year-old mother this charming picture book a few years back for Mother's Day, and she adores it!

Our Spring Break ends this weekend and then we're back for the final long-haul.  I hope you all had relaxing Spring Breaks too!
--Corbett & Dena Harrison (http://corbettharrison.com)
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