Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More information from the Harrisons...some great ideas. Enjoy!

1)  My Random Grouping Cards that Teach Common Core Vocabulary and Grammar Skills through Transitional Tasks:  I've undertaken a huge new product that will be featured at my website over this summer, and I'll be previewing pieces of it for teachers to try out this next month.  You know, there are a few long-standing members of this Ning that have purchased (and supported us!) almost every product we feature at our personal website.  I want to design a few card sets to honor those teachers while asking them to personally try them out to make sure they are error- and typo-less, and if you believe you're one of those faithful teachers who've purchased and used a good number of our already-created products, please contact me here:
2)  We Saved WritingFix until 2020! Thanks to you!  Dena and I are absolutely humbled that 162 people donated to our Indiegogo campaign.  We made the amount we need, and WritingFix and this Ning are SAFE for five more years.  I would like to offer anyone who donated a product from our own personal websites as our way of saying thanks.  A lot of you donated anonymously, but I know you can send me a screen shot or a forwarded email that verifies your donation to our cause, and you can request any one of the products we currently offer if you can provide the proof that you stepped up and gave.  Please take advantage of this if you donated.  Please.  I'd like very much to give you something useful, something that Dena and I have created since we lost funding for WritingFix and began creating useful writing tools for our own websites.  Again, if this applies to you, please contact me here:
Our Spring Break ends this weekend and then we're back for the final long-haul.  I hope you all had relaxing Spring Breaks too!
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