Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The following collection of picture books is one of the best writing resources a teacher can have - regardless of the grade level. Courtesy of Corbett and Dena Harrison

Find a Better Bunch of Picture Book-Inspired Trait Lessons?

I honestly don't think teachers can!  If you know of a better one than our  Picture Book Lesson Collection at WritingFix (, please share by responding to this blog post at the ning:
I have to tell you, Dena and I have been humbled at the generous donations we've received from you loyal WritingFix users and fans.  We always doubted the not-for-profit site could ever become a publicly-sponsored website, and we've ALMOST been proved wrong during the last six weeks.  We are so close to making the amount we need to keep the website on-line and advertisment-free until 2020:
So...I've saved a "big gun" resource to remind you about here for the end.  Our Picture Books as Mentor Text page--and this really can't be denied--is truly a great collection of trait-inspired ideas that can be easily adapted to most grade levels.  Please note the page also has a link to Picture Book lessons specifically for Primary Grades and Chapter Book-inspired Writing Lessons.
If you take a look at any of these resource links and haven't donated yet ( but still want to based on these resources, please do.  As soon as we make our goal, I promise to stop sending these reminders about resources you may have forgotten existed at WritingFix.
Be on the look-out for the Lesson of the Month on April 1!  It's turning out to be a good one, one that can be adapted to both vocabulary instruction as well as reading projects.
Thanks again for the generosity!
--Corbett & Dena Harrison
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