Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mentor texts for the May writing assignment from Corbett Harrison. Enjoy!

Wow!  I had numerous emails this morning from wonderful teachers asking me to choose a cheaper and not-out-of-print mentor texts, like "31 Uses for a Mom," for future lessons.  When I first announced this lesson a few weeks back, there were dozens of used copies available at Amazon for less than $5.  Now the cheapest one is $35, which is ridiculous, I agree. are some alternative mentor texts that would work just as well--perhaps even better because the students couldn't "borrow" directly from author Harriet Ziefert--as they brainstorm uses for the Mom.
"39 Uses for a Friend":  Looks like there are currently used copies for a penny!
"33 Uses for a Dad":  Copies for a penny and reasonably priced new copies!
No promises on how fast the reasonably-priced copies will go.  In two weeks, you users of this cleaned off Amazon's shelves of all the used copies "31 Uses for a Mom".   And never forget about your library!  I've seen many of Ziefert's books in my nearest branch's picture book section.
--Corbett Harrison
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