Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sacred Writing Time Slides from Corbett and Dena Harrison.

Why do kids like to write about what foods they love and hate?  Maybe it's just my students?  Or maybe not?
Check out tomorrow's sacred writing time slide: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/450852612673146998/ to see the slide for which I created the three "writing prompts" below...
Which of my three topic choices would inspire more of your students to write for ten un-interrupted minutes (also known as Sacred Writing Time in my classroom) tomorrow in class?  Show the slide and try out all three this Monday and see if you're right!
  • Design and write about the "buffet of your dreams."
  • What would you do with billions of dollars worth of cheese?
  • What if that pizza box was SCORCHING hot instead of just warm?  Tell me that story!
Some people mistake our sacred writing time slides as "writing prompts," but they are better described as "writing possibilities."  If you've never tried sacred writing with your students, you have plenty of time in this school year to start practicing the technique in order to decide if you want SWT to be a regular routine for your next school year.  
If you're a fan of sacred writing, tell us why you think it works so well at our blog: http://writinglesson.ning.com/profiles/blogs/may-11-eat-what-you-want-day   Help us spread the word!
--Corbett & Dena Harrison
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