Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June's writing lesson from the Harrisons. Enjoy!

I's don't WANT another writing lesson this year, right?  You just want to be rid of this group of kids!  Well..maybe some of you feel that way.
For June, July and August, I try to focus on writing lessons that would be good to start strong with next year and--here's the important part--these lessons start stronger if you take the time to create your own teacher model of the writing task that you can share with them.  So...they are summer homework challenges for you as teachers...if you dare accept such a thing from me.  This month's lesson has a teacher model I love sharing with my kids in September.
Here's June's writing lesson, which is actually a thoroughly revised version of a lesson I've used every year since originally posting it at WritingFix back in 2003:  It teaches a cool little writing technique inspired by author/teacher Stephen Kramer that challenges you to describe what's NOT in an important place before you describe what IS.  As you will see from the posted lesson, there have been many adaptations to this simple-but-effective technique from students over the years who have been introduced to this lesson early on.
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