Monday, June 29, 2015

More news from the Harrisons with some new titles! Enjoy!

Please help me in congratulating and celebrating several colleagues of mine, three of whom have recently published new materials specifically designed to improve classroom instruction with writing and with critical thinking!
First of all, Jodie Black--local kindergarten teacher extraordinaire--has put out another primary elementary writing resource: "Two Birds: What do I Write? Guide" is now available for preview at her website:  I believe this is Jodie's SIXTH print guide for our youngest writers.  If you know any kindergarten, first, or second grade teacher looking for fresh ideas that strengthen primary writing, refer them to Jodie who has always been my go-to friend because of her expertise with writing curriculum for those specific grade levels.  Beautiful work (as usual), Jodie.
Second, my teaching partner and my teacher-training partner for the last ten years--Holly Young--has published her second children's book, this one with her sister as co-writer.  Holly is one of the best math teachers I know, and her sister (Cathy Morgan) is a beloved high school history teacher just down the street from my school.  They both attended the "Mount Vernon Summer Teaching Institute," and their brand new children's book "Help Wanted at Mt. Vernon" is designed to promote problem-solving skills from young readers.  The book is filled with challenges for the reader to try solving historical and mathematical problems that the Father of our Country had to solve.  These two Northern Nevada teachers are also posting complimentary lesson ideas that go along with their Mt. Vernon book at Holly's professional website: Making Mathematicians.  I just love watching writing across the curriculum in action.  Good work, Holly and Cathy!
You can use the links above to directly access any of the mentioned resources, or you can visit the Ning and read more about each publication: They are the top two stories featured in the Blog this whole week!
If you're growing a garden, I hope it's doing as well as mine!  We Harrisons love the summertime!
--Corbett & Dena Harrison
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