Friday, July 17, 2015

Below is a great resource for vocabulary! Enjoy! Courtesy of Corbett Harrison

Hi teacher-friends,
As a complement to our "Vocabulary Collector" Routine that we rolled out two summers back, we have now created a new resource: 18 Tier-2 Vocabulary "Quick Poems," enough poems to introduce one every two weeks, if you'd like.  They are intended to be written quickly (10-15 minutes) by partners or small groups, and they are the kind of poems that students will want to share (10 more minutes).  In less than 30 minutes, you can put a really excellent vocabulary word (or two) in the hands of your students while they review writing skills as well as some grammatical skills.
Imagine an administrator or fellow teacher observing your students during a class discussion, Socratic seminar, or writing response group, and they hear your students correctly using the word "terse" or "juxtapose" or "caustic" or "perfunctory" as they invite one another into the academic conversation.  That's the point of these "quick poems," and should you have time to use them all next year, your students will have 28 excellent new words for class...and the dinner table at home!
You can preview all 28 words and three free quick poems from the set of eighteen here:  There is a link below them if you decide to purchase.
Just-for-July Specials: As always, we offer 25% specials for our faithful early-bird buyers.  If you purchase these Quick Poems this July at their current price, we will send you a special link that will allow you to purchase our two other vocabulary products for 25% off!  Those two vocabulary products are:
  • Eleven Common Core-inspired lessons for establishing a "Vocabulary Collector" routine.  Complimentary preview of this now-available product here:  All eleven lessons are designed to guide your students through a 45-minute to a 90-minute lesson that involves literature and writing!  This product is ready to purchase now so that you can start familiarizing yourself with the materials over the summer.  25% off the $19.99 price if you buy the new 18 Quick Poems in July.
  • Random Student Grouping Cards for Vocabulary and Grammar Enrichment.  This is the product I have been working on since October.  It's huge, and it's pretty thoughtful.  You can read about it here: This product won't be sent out to purchasers until the last week of August (because I'm spending the rest of my summer making sure they're perfect).  Previews will be posted soon!  The price of this massive undertaking has yet to be determined, but 25% off for everyone who purchases the ready-to-go "Quick Poems" this July.
I hope you're all enjoying the weather, and I hope you're finding time to find some new things to try in your classroom when you reconvene with your latest group of students.
--Corbett Harrison (
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