Thursday, July 30, 2015

Here is July's writing lesson from Corbett Harrison. Enjoy!

Hello Fellow Teachers and Writers!
July's Writing Lesson (which would make a solid "Get to Know Your New Students" lesson for the upcoming school year): They hired me (kind of at the last minute) to teach an online curriculum-development class at our local University near the end of June, so July's lessons a little late.  Add to that, I decided to revise a few of my older pages to compliment the lesson for July.  Anyway, the lesson is now posted, and you can access it (as well as three other monthly give-aways) at our Writing Lesson of the Month page:  This month's lesson inspires writers to convey an anecdote in a 140-character Tweet as a form of pre-writing, and it cites Ernest Hemingway as an inspiration, based on his famous 6-word short story (which is featured at the lesson).  I learned a great new term while creating this lesson: Flash Fiction, which I'm going to use as an idea for Sacred Writing Time this next school year.
A Poetry Writing Contest for the Fall:  Wow, such a great response from our website's users in the first week of introducing our newest product: 18 Quick-Poems--designed to inspire collaborative writing and to teach some great tier-2 vocabulary for class discussions and Socratic Seminars.   I've created this Blog Post to explain the contest!
And...Check out our Brand New Resource Page on Grouping Strategies for Writing:  Dena and I have both been working on flexible grouping strategies for both heterogeneous and homogeneous clusters of students because we both want to further our use of meaningful activities that foster our interpersonal learners, and we now have  developed a new page that shares some solid ideas--especially if you incorporate sacred writing time and appreciate vocabulary and grammar enrichment tasks.  We'd love to know what you think of our new Grouping Strategies Page, which we will be further developing over the 2015-16 school year. 
August's lesson is almost complete.  I promise it'll be posted on time!  We start back August 5th here in Washoe County.  Anyone out there starting ahead of us?
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