Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sunday Shout Out (on a snowy Monday in Nevada) from Corbett & Dina Harrison...some great resources.

Nevada isn't just the desert around Las Vegas; here on the northern end of the state, we sometimes get snow days, and today was one of those days!  I meant to post a Sunday Shout Out yesterday, but I ran out of time, so perhaps it's fate that I got the morning off to prepare for that.
Three Vocabulary Shout-outs! This Sunday shout out is for three teachers who are using our website's VOCABULARY COLLECTING RESOURCES to inspire meaningful short pieces of clever writing centered around good tier-2 vocabulary your students find in their own reading.  We have created 10 different writing lessons, which can be freely previewed HERE at our new Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Gone are the days (I hope) that we simply say, "Put your vocabulary words into original sentences" without giving more context or a higher expectation of those sentences; our 10 vocabulary & writing activities encourage poetic concepts, contextual thinking, grammatical knowledge, and etymology.
A Sacred Writing Time Reminder:  Our 366 Sacred Writing Time Slides have taken the lead as our best-selling product this past year.  Thanks to all of you who use them and see their value.  If you have not ever tried Sacred Writing Time, we offer the entire January Set of SWT Slides to freely download at our new Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Try them for a month with your students.  We think you'll be impressed with the way your students react to them!
Thanks and have a great final week before Winter Holidays!
--Corbett (& Dena Harrison),  Always Write Website
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