Saturday, September 3, 2016

Here is a post from Corbett and Dena Harrison on starting a writer's notebook routine. It is great!! Enjoy!

Join me, Dena, and thousands of other educators this year in establishing a writer's notebook routine with your student writers this year.  The beginning of each school year is the most appropriate time to do this, so we designate September as Writer's Notebook Month every year now.
New to Writer's Notebooks?
  • Read our philosophy and enjoy our complimentary Writer's Notebook Resources at Always Write!
  • Build a Sacred Writing Time Routine -- five, ten, or fifteen minutes a day can completely change your students' attitudes about the act of writing--especially if you participate too!

Seasoned Writer's Notebook Teachers?
  • Have your students create original writer's notebook metaphors and share your best with us!
  • Celebrate words while teaching your students interesting new written structures to add to their notebooks.
  • Assign students the responsibility of creating SWT slides for the rest of the class.  (Hint: they love to create the slide of the day for their own birthdays!)
Why do this?  Every year, most of us come back with great ideas to make things different this year for our students, but the beginning of the year chaos often stifles those changes.  This year...let September be your month to do something different and/or brand new with your writing routine, and if you commit to the idea for ten minutes every day for a month, you will see a different attitude about writing from your scholars.
Have a great and safe Labor Day Holiday!
--Corbett (& Dena) Harrison -- Always Write
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