Thursday, October 27, 2016

Here are some great resources Corbett Harrison is shaing for free. They deal with Writer's Notebook and Vocabulary/Writing Skills. Enjoy.

My Montana workshop materials have been freely posted at my homepage  Even if you're not attending or can't attend, please know I've been designing my workshop materials this whole year in such a way that you can independently go through the materials to see what we're talking about and to have links to the resources I am sharing at the workshops.  My two Montana topics: WRITER'S NOTEBOOKS and VOCABULARY/WRITING SKILLS.  If either of those topics interests you, for the next few weeks, you can download and save my presentation materials.

It's been a great year of presenting!  I've enjoyed meeting teachers this year in Texas twice, Oklahoma, Nevada twice, California twice, and now Montana.  I've already been negotiating workshop dates for 2017.  If you think any of my website's ideas need to be shared with your state, region, or district, you can find information on how to bring me to your area at this page at my website.  You can share that link with your district leadership if you're not the person in charge of bringing in guest speakers.
My district has decided to send me to the NAGC conference in Orlando this November.  If anyone else is going, let me know so we can look out for each other!  
--Corbett Harrison (Always Write and WritingFix websites)
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