Saturday, October 8, 2016

Here are some great resources from Corbett Harrison. Enjoy! The power point presentatioin is packed with great ideas!

We had a great turn-out with our September Notebook Metaphor Contest this year!  We had more student entries than ever.
The four victors for 2016 have been chosen, and I will be creating a new Four Metaphor Poem this month based on these students' original comparisons.  "Four metaphor poems" are a wonderful assignment for students of all ages!
Vote for your favorite Notebook Metaphor!  Like last year, we're now going to have those of you who use Pinterest help us decide on a "Crowd Favorite!"  The student whose writer's notebook metaphor gets the most likes and re-pins will be sent a $25 Amazon Gift Card.  To vote, visit this blog page-- --where you can see this year's four metaphors.  If you find a favorite (or two), click on the image or the link below the image to be taken to Pinterest where you can "like" or "re-pin" or "save" the metaphor to earn that student's metaphor points.  Consider having your students help you pick a favorite!
November's Contest is next:  It's never too early to start planning for the Rheturkical Triangle Thanksgiving competition.  
I'm presenting a writing workshop in Carson City, Nevada, tomorrow morning.  Topics: Writer's Notebooks, Vocabulary Across the Curriculum, and Critical Trait Thinking.  I'll have my handouts posted at Always Write by noon today (Friday), if you can't attend but want to independently explore what we're talking about during my workshop!
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