Sunday, November 6, 2016

An e-mail from Corbett Harrison. Enjoy!

I'm a bit behind on getting the new November lesson of the month posted.  I'm not only grading midterms from my online class, but I'm prepping to head to the NAGC Conference in Orlando.  I'll post the new November lesson when I'm back; it's about teaching your students to design their own graphic/advance organizers, so it should be worth the wait.
I'll remind you of last November's Writing Lesson of the Month: Rhe-Turk-ical Triangles  Review or introduce the rhetorical triangle with your students; then, apply the strategy to a turkey trying to talk its way out of being served at Thanksgiving.  The lesson comes with a mentor text, a video that explains the Rhetorical Triangle in simple terms, and some great student models!  Plus there's a contest!  Scroll to the bottom of the lesson for contest information.
And the Pinterest vote count is in!  Kudos to our top-scoring writer's notebook metaphor for 2016: My writer's notebook is a train that runs through my imagination.  It comes from 6th grader Shayna who's in Ms. Rosenthal's classroom!  It worth sharing with your students if they are keeping writer's notebooks too! So are the other three student metaphors that received lots of votes too!
--Corbett Harrison
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